Along with its focus on the sport, Italia Endurance Stables & Academy has also been working on an ambitious project having to do with selecting and breeding Pure Arab horses for endurance riding. This is something that was begun specifically to complete an entire process that is most definitely about sports but that also never loses sight of an appreciation for horses, the most important element in Italia Endurance Stables & Academy’s journey.

With a sense of pride in planting deeper roots in our area, we decided to give our foals the suffix “Agylla” included in the latin name choiced also on the base of the iniatial letter that indentifies the year of birth. Agylla is the name of the nymph from ancient times who, according to the wonderful legend, fell madly in love with Prince Trasimeno, the son of the god Neptune, while walking along the banks of the lake that has carried his name for centuries.

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