From Sunday, March 3 at Italia Endurance Stables & Academy shows off a blue bow!
From our breeding, the first foal of 2019 was born: Dictus Agylla, a beautiful Arabian horse male.
With a very high-level genealogy (Djelam Du Lebous x Zaroida by Madjani) Dictus Agylla came to light in a perfect manner, inaugurating the year 2019 which, in its course, will see the birth of other foals, whose Latin names will always begin with the letter D and, according to tradition, will be combined with the suffix Agylla – the legendary nymph who fell in love with Prince Trasimeno, son of God Neptune.
The section dedicated to Breeding of Italia Endurance Stables & Academy is gaining prestige day by day, a demonstration of how we care for the valorization of the Arabian horse, sporting protagonist, but not only.

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