The blue dream of the FEI Endurance European Championship 2021 in Ermelo (NED), told in these pages in the last two months, has been translated with the Team Bronze Medal.

Italy was preceded by Spain (gold medal) and France (silver medal).

An intense competition that took place on Saturday 11 September, a day full of twists but which nevertheless saw the Italian team protagonist from the very first stages of the competition and for all the 160 kilometres of the route, celebrated at the end with a deserved third place for team, won after a head-to-head with the Belgian team.

From the start, the competition saw a large leading group that, kilometre after kilometre, kept up the pace of an exciting race.

Both our outgoing European champion Costanza Laliscia with Assim du Barthas and the Italian champion Daniele Serioli with Jarnak dell’Orsetta remained in the wake of the leading group led by the Spanish and French combinations, at least up to km 140.

The Italian team made up of Gaiani Martina – Badmington d’Oc, Laliscia Costanza – Assim Du Barthas, Piccolo Lorenzo – Saroul De L’aigoual, Aurora Salvati – Nevosu, Daniele Serioli – Jarnak dell’Orsetta unfortunately saw two eliminations for lame for Assim Du Barthas and Nevosu at the 5 veterinary gate, so architects of a very good third place were Daniele Serioli (average of 19.52 km / h; travel time 8 hours, 11 minutes and 42 seconds) Lorenzo Piccolo (17.72 km / h; 9: 01:45) and Martina Gaiani (17.36 km / h; 9:12:59) who placing respectively in 9th, 14th and 17th place allowed the whole Team Italy to get on the podium.

A real shame for our outgoing Champion Costanza who, in any case, declares herself ready to face new international competitions.

On the individual podium went the Spanish Angel Soy Coll, gold medal with Warrens Hill Chayze (20.99 km / h; 7:37:21) and Maria Alvarez Ponton, bronze with JM Elegido (20.60 km / h; 7:45: 58) and the French Vincent Gaudriot, silver with Bum Baya d’Aqui (20.88 km / h; 7:39:53).

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