Christmas Pony 2023: fun, passion and love for endurance

On Sunday 17 December, Christmas Pony took place in our stable, an endurance race dedicated to young riders in the categories Pony Elite 8 km, Pony B 6.4 km, Pony A 3.2 km and Pony Avviamento 1.6 km to end the sports season in the best possible way.

A total of 30 young riders competed in a technical course specifically designed in the countryside surrounding Italia Endurance Stables & Academy.

Fun, passion and love for endurance, these are the key words of a day full of emotions.

In the Pony Elite 8 km, the gold medal was won by Vittoria Monetti (Fuxiateam) on Salida, silver for Elena Marsella (Montione) on Sarsiccia and bronze for Bianca Fiorucci (Fuxiateam) on Al Sarfah du Barthas; followed by Eleonora Persichetti and Olimpia Paoletti.

In the Pony B 6.4 km, Aurora Laurenzi (Fuxiateam) on Salida climbed to the top step of the podium, second was Martina Bartocci (Montione) on Stella by Caligola, third was Chiara Maria Fiori (Montione) on Sarsiccia; followed by Charlotte Panigoni, Maria Giulia Ceccarelli Mori, Veronica Lilli, Olivia Antonioli, Massimo Vittorio Cavallari, Greta Bigazzi and Maria Chiara Francioni.

In the Pony A 3.2 km, 1st place for Costanza Monetti (Fuxiateam) on Sirio, 2nd place for Amalia Ceccarelli Mori (Montione) on Magico and 3rd place for Maria Vittoria Paoletti (Montione) on Castlemead Zetta; while in the Pony Avviamento 1.6 km, 1st place for Martina Scoscia (Fuxiateam) on Sirio, 2nd place for Emma Piagnani (Montione) on Stella by Caligola, 3rd place for Anna Borsi (Tiber) on Moylena Red Flame, followed by Ludovica Velloni , Rebecca Bigazzi, Benedetta Fabiola Vera Castellano, Alessia Dini, Alfonso Sabatino, Sofia Marsella, Bianca Moriconi, Ludovica Zampagli and Agnese Venarucci.

The Fuxiateam thanks the FISE Umbria regional committee for the splendid opportunity and takes the opportunity to wish a happy and peaceful Christmas and a 2024 full of successes and satisfactions.

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