In recent days the College of Experts met in plenary session to proceed with the selection of the 6 most deserving riders to participate in the ENDURANCE MODERN Masterclass: BEST PRACTICE TRAINING ORIENTATION dedicated to YJ Endurance Riders – 1st Level and scheduled at Italia Endurance Stables & Academy on April 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th.
As we had already anticipated, the question was very high. In fact, 40 application forms have been received, all analyzed “in the dark” or obscuring the names of the candidates to ensure maximum neutrality and fairness towards everyone; it seems superfluous to say it but it is important to clarify it for reasons of transparency.
The selection was difficult, given the high quality of the profiles received, but the long work led to these 6 young riders with whom we strongly congratulate:

Ilaria Di Mitri – Umbria Region
Matilde Giacosa – Liguria Region
Maria Letizia Grazia Orecchioni – Sardegna Region
Samuel Perri – Lombardia Region
Federico Valeri – Abruzzo Region
Martina Vida – Emilia Romagna Region

However, we ask all riders who have participated in the selection not to give up … Italia Endurance Academy really has lots of activities in store for all endurance riders motivated to grow and improve more and more, so keep following us.

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