Six italian titles for the young people of the Academy

The VIM spa Italian Endurance Championships 2022 Open gave the Fuxiateam many satisfactions in the Under 14 and Pony categories.

By participating in six of the seven categories on the program, the Fuxiateam takes home six gold medals, one silver and two bronzes.

Marie Panigoni, in her first experience in the CEN B/R Under 14 84 km, together with Ultra CPS (Caligola x Medea CPS from Djebbel), a thoroughbred Arab female from 2013, conquer the highest step of the podium and gold medal also for Ludovica Cieri together with Al Sarfah Du Barthas (Khadar x Bahia des Graves da Sahel II), anglo arab gelding of 2010, in the CEN A Under 14 40 km.

In the Pony categories, the very young Alice Laurenzi with Salida in the Pony Élite, Vittoria Monetti with Salida in the Pony B, Giorgia Pecciarelli with Sirio in the Pony A and Costanza Monetti with Sirio in the Pony Avviamento are graduated as Italian champions. Three other young athletes are also on the podium: Virginia Sacco wins the silver medal with Ringo in the Pony B, while the bronze goes to Matilde Cecchetti with Ringo in the Pony Élite and to Matilde Paschalidis with Bliga Bliga in the Pony Avviamento.

To frame the excellent results achieved, the conquest of the Anica award, as best thoroughbred in the category, for Ultra CPS in CEN B/R and for Salida in Pony Élite and Pony B.

“The performances and the results obtained fill us with pride and satisfaction. – says 3rd level coach Costanza Laliscia – We did the en plein: participating in six of the seven youth categories on the program, we won six Italian titles, still climbing seven podiums; all this is the result of the daily work I do with the girls at Italia Endurance Academy”.

There is truly to be satisfied with these small but very big amazons, the whole Fuxiateam is proud and above all full of confidence in their future!

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