Spring Pony: a day full of Endurance and Fun!

Sunday 7 May all the internal and external settings of Italia Endurance Stables & Academy came alive and populated under the banner of Spring Pony, a day of endurance competitions dedicated to young riders who, together with their ponies, competed in the 4 categories of their own reserved: Pony Elite 8 km, Pony B 6.4 km, Pony A 3.2 km and Pony Avviamento 1.6 km.

The now expert international organizing committee, Italia Endurance Stables & Academy, also for the little ones wanted to maintain high organizational standards by making the best facilities of the structure available.

Record number of entries in a pony race for the Umbria Region which saw the participation of 42 combinations from all categories, a sign of the constant growth of Endurance in our Region and of how more and more children continue to be passionate about this sport. 4 Umbrian equestrian centers represented: the Fuxiateam of Italia Endurance Stables & Academy of Agello di Magione, the Wild Horse of Monteleone d’Orvieto, the Montione of Fratta Todina and I Cavalieri di Giano of Torgiano.

In the top category of the day, the Pony Élite 8 km, 10 combinations competed: 1st place Vittoria Monetti (Fuxiateam) on Salida, 2nd place Elena Marsella (Montione) on Stella by Caligola, 3rd place Eleonora Persichetti (Montione) on Sarsiccia.

The highest number of starters was the Pony B 6.4 km category with 17 combinations: 1st place Alice Laurenzi (Fuxiateam) on Salida, 2nd place Olivia Antonio (Montione) on Diablo, 3rd place Amalia Ceccarelli Mori ( Montione) on Stella by Caligula.

The Pony A 3.2 km category instead marked a total of 8 starters: 1st Classified Costanza Monetti (Fuxiateam) on Sirio, 2nd Classified Massimo Vittorio Cavallari (Fuxiateam) on Sirio, 3rd Classified ex aequo Andrea Sberna (Wild Horse) on Ariel and Livia Marchetti (Wild Horse) on Ariel; while the Pony Avviamento saw the participation of 7 small riders: 1st Classified Alfonso Sabatino (Fuxiateam) on Alish Kashmir, 2nd Classified Charlotte Catherine Cedrine Panigoni (Fuxiateam) on Alish Kashmir, 3rd Classified Rebecca Kodric (Wild Horse) on Magic Lobel.

It was certainly a day full of fun in the name of sport and endurance which ended with a training course on tactics and race strategy for all the little riders… training always comes first!


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