Wednesday 23 April 2019 will not be an anonymous date for Italia Endurance Stables & Academy and for the values ​​placed at the base of this vision. It will not be an anonymous date because it is the day that the Italia Endurance Academy started, the only project in the world aimed at the growth of junior and young riders.
At 11.30 the ideal ribbon cutting, with the arrival at the Agello headquarters and the accommodation in the rooms assigned to them in the guesthouse of the 6 young riders selected by a panel of experts on the basis of the 45 curricula sent at Italia Endurance Stables & Academy .
Ilaria Di Mitri, Matilde Giacosa, Maria Letizia Grazia Orecchioni, Samuel Perri, Federico Valeri and Martina Vida crossed the threshold.


From today to Friday 26 April they will be the great protagonists, amazons and riders on whom the attention of all the staff of Italia Endurance Stables & Academy and of the experts called to transfer their skills, experiences and values ​​not only related to endurance are focusing, but also to physical preparation, leadership and teamwork. Significant in this sense, the words with which Gianluca Laliscia welcomed the young riders and presented the Masterclass: “Go proud of the project of which you are the protagonist and live these four days with the right spirit, which is to grow and find confirmation in having chosen to engage in endurance, do not forget, however, that you will not be able to be high-level riders without first being inspired by the values ​​of sport and sharing your sacrifice with that wonderful companion of adventure who is the horse”.

Today’s program included work on field in sand, followed by a classroom lesson on “Endurance horse: selection, training, competitive season”.
Tomorrow we will continue with work in the countryside, lecture in the classroom on “The ride: study of the course and tactics”, strengthening work in the gym and classroom lesson on “The team: together everyone achieves more”.

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