Exclusive event: Yoga & Mamaca Sound Massage at Italia Endurance

13 December 2021  – The silence and nature that surrounds Italia Endurance Stables & Academy will be the backdrop to a special day completely dedicated to an exclusive event dedicated to the perfect harmony between man – nature and psycho-physical well-being, which has always been our first priority.

Thanks to the special collaboration with the experts Angelica Albertini – Yoga and meditation teacher and Carola Pulcinella – massage physiotherapist and postural gymnastics instructor, the Saturday morning program, from 9 to 13, includes a special path.

You start with dynamic Yoga classes to awaken positive energy and move in the flow of your breath.

This is followed by the “Mamaca Sound Massage”, a special massage capable of accompanying you in a dimension of quiet and deep relaxation with a background of sounds of ancestral instrument sounds to rediscover your own self.

Participation was reserved just for 12 people.

The balance was completed with natural, herbal teas and healthy food always available.

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