Fuxiateam Celebration Day

Sunday is the day par excellence to stay with the family … so the large Fuxiateam family took the opportunity to celebrate all the successes achieved so far this year with the classic Sunday lunch.

All the staff and all the people who contributed to achieving the important results achieved in the current sporting season were present, from top riders to technical support figures.

Joy and conviviality were the key elements of a day full of enthusiasm made even more beautiful by the fantastic climate that characterized this first half of November.

As always, the spaces of Italia Endurance Stables & Academy lent themselves to the best for a country-style set-up in autumnal colors of an imperial table for over 40 people.

The goals and future goals animated the team spirit that distinguishes the Fuxiateam, consolidating the values ​​and the sense of belonging to the great family of Italia Endurance Stables & Academy.

The perfect conclusion to this wonderful day of celebrations came with the presentation of the new Fuxiateam uniforms … stay tuned!

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