Fuxiateam Country Chic Dinner

An event created to celebrate the successes of the Academy of Italia Endurance at the VIM spa Italian Endurance Championships 2022 Open, it was then transformed into a real country chic themed party!

The location of Italia Endurance Stables & Academy lent itself to perfection for a refined installation with attention to the smallest details by all the staff, surrounded by a traveling food market consisting of several counters, including the butcher’s, the pinzimonio of fresh vegetables, the delicatessen, the cheeses , fruit and sweets.

The evening was enriched by a musical trio, consisting of violin, accordion and acoustic guitar, which accompanied and enlivened the dinner, and then moved on to 80s music and entertainment after dinner.

To frame the party, the presentation of all the guys of the Academy and their successes accompanied by the 3rd level technician, as well as head of the Academy of Italia Endurance, Costanza Laliscia and Lorenzo Ferrarese and the acknowledgment of a special certificate for a 400-hour “Stables Management and Endurance Training” internship for Arianna Quattrociocchi.

At the end of the beautiful evening, the staff of Italia Endurance Stables & Academy gave all the women present a floral tribute composed at the moment at the counter of the Flower Bar.

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