PERUGIA – The Fuxiateam of Italia Endurance Stables & Academy is confirmed as the absolute protagonist of the international scene, clearly dominating the CEI3 * 160 km that ran in Vivaro, in the province of Pordenone. Two of the three steps of the Friulian podium are all for the stable of the president Simona Zucchetta, who together with the rest of the staff enjoy the victory of the European champion Costanza Laliscia and the brilliant third place of Boni Viada de Vivero. The one exhibited at Vivaro was an authentic show of strength by the Fuxiateam, which generated an amazing result by baptizing in the best way the collaboration started by Italia Endurance Stables & Academy with the two Chilean breedings Haras Perseverancia and Establos Al-Shaalan.

Crossing the finish line in front of everyone at the end of the 160 km race was Costanza Laliscia who, riding Perseverancia Escondido, won at an average of 16,792 km / h, ahead of the Brazilian Felipe De Azevedo on Saiph Sbv and the other rider of the Fuxiateam Boni Viada de Vivero on AS Embrujo at 16,427. Two other awards were added to the trip to Friuli: the Best Condition award assigned by the veterinary commission to AS Embrujo and the equally important Best Recovery recorded by Perseverancia Escondido.

However, the satisfaction of the Fuxiateam goes well beyond the result. First of all for the way in which the first and third places were won. The tactic studied in every detail was very important in fact at the beginning of the last lap Laliscia restart with only 14” ahead of the Brazilian De Azevedo, preceded on arrival by almost 12 minutes. Also for the great performance of Boni Viada de Vivero, skilled and expert in controlling any attempt to mend the tear by the opponents and in conquering the third step of the podium.

“The perfect race probably does not exist – comments Costanza Laliscia – but this one for Vivaro was pretty close. The team has given yet another proof of reliability and both my horse and Boni’s have confirmed their great potential despite the short time available to prepare them. Perseverancia Escondido, in particular, was a great, pleasant discovery. It was easy to manage and what he was capable of on the last lap speaks for itself: he covered the final 20 kilometers, most of which in the absence of natural light, at 21.765 km / h “.

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