The numbers of 2022, a sensational sports season

2022… Ex nihilo nihil, nothing comes by chance (Lucretius)

This is precisely the most suitable conclusion for a year and a sporting season that is nothing short of extraordinary, where the numbers and results speak for themselves.

38 races, 16 different horses brought into the race, 19 podiums including 9 victories, 10 Best Condition awards and 97,8% of the distance completed in the amount of 3016,7 km completed.

These are the data of the horses for the 2022 sports season, exceptional numbers to say the least, the result of constant daily work and careful attention to every single detail.

30 races, 7 different ponies and 15 different young riders brought into the race, 18 podiums of which 11 victories and 100% of the distance completed, these are the numbers of ponies for the sporting season that has just ended, a sign of an Academy that is growing talent for the future and brings little riders closer to the world of endurance.

It was certainly a sporting season and a memorable 2022 that will certainly be remembered for the amazing results obtained which count 6 Italian Champion titles and 2 Italian Vice Champion titles conquered in Pisa – San Rossore.

A special thanks to the big Fuxiateam family who made all this possible by working day after day with great passion and a special thanks to all those who love and continue to be passionate about this sport.

We wish everyone the best for a 2023 full of satisfactions and great successes, ad maiora!

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