Fursan Cup 2022, one of the best events of the year

“One of the first major events this year was in AlUla, in northwestern Saudi Arabia, where stunning scenery and a challenging course greeted athletes. The team from Uruguay dominated the race of 195 riders. Fredrico Ferber on HC Yaiza and Andres Rivero on SM Fabricio crossed the finish line holding hands and finished in the first and second spots.”

The FEI in its year-end article “2022: a year of endurance”, can only praise the grandeur of the Fursan Cup 2022 and the breathtaking beauty of AlUla.

Also this year the Fursan Cup 2023 will certainly be a major international event that will host horses and riders from all over the world who will compete for a rich prize pool of 15 million SAR – around 4 million Euro.

We, the technical-sports team of the event selected by the Royal Commission for AlUla and the Saudi Equestrian Federation, will undoubtedly do our best to bring the Fursan Cup 2023 into the annals of endurance history as well.

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