Fuxiateam triumphs at the Italian Endurance Pony Championship

The Italian Endurance Pony Championship was staged in Città della Pieve yesterday, Saturday 26th June under the wing of the now expert Organizing Committee Wild Horse Asd, which gave the Fuxiateam many satisfactions.

With 68 entries, the competition categories Pony Elite, Pony B, Pony A and Pony Avviamento have seen the future of Italian endurance compete, kids from all over Italy who love sports and their horses in the first place.

As a result of the training activity carried out by Italia Endurance Academy, 4 amazons competed in the different categories obtaining results that fill the hearts of the coaches and of the whole fuxiateam, truly full of pride.

Vittoria Monetti on SIRIO won the Pony Starter category, winning the title of Italian champion!
Ludovica Cieri on AL SARFAH DU BARTHAS successfully concludes the Pony Elite category in fifth position!
Claramaria D’Arcangelo on DNIPRO BLEU successfully concludes the Pony B category!
Matilde Paschalidis on SIRIO successfully concludes the Pony A category!

There is really to be satisfied about these four smalls but very great Amazons.
The whole Fuxiateam is proud and above all full of confidence in their equestrian future.
Keep it up!


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