The 8 selected riders came today in the afternoon at Italia Endurance Academy, full of expectations and enthusiasm for these three days of full immersion teaching. They are already stabled and followed the first lesson: “Team Work and Fair Play” that should introduce them in the world of team working. From tomorrow, practical and theoretical lessons will follow in a tight schedule for an experience that will remain in their memory and will help implement their training as riders in the world of Endurance.

There will come intense days for them, which they will live surrounded by sports, learning and above all love and care of the horse. Italia Endurance Academy is interested in transmitting to all its students, the care and well-being of the horse that must be always at first place. In short, it will be a full immersion in three hundred and sixty degrees, which will end on Sunday with the delivery of certificates of participation and the final greetings of the Academy members and the President of FISE Umbria Mirella Bianconi.

In short, it seems that we will see some good ones in the next days!

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