Our friend Carmine Villani is the new FEI Endurance Open Riders World Ranking 2020 champion

It is undeniable that the year of 2020 will be reminded in the History books as a peculiar year, marked by the pandemic. But it is also true that one may know how and when to look for the opportunity that is hidden in every adversity.

So it was for the British horse rider and Fuxiateam’s great friend Carmine Villani, the new FEI Endurance Open Riders World Ranking 2020 champion. Our heartfelt congratulations to our friend Carmine!

In the past year, Carmine has participated to 25 FEI worldwide level competitions, and has finished 17 of them, obtaining at the end 1949 points. On the podium, beside the British flag, there were the French rider Julie Montagne (1819 points) and the American rider Cheryl Van Deusen, with 1568 points.

Fuxiateam is proud to have taken part in the Carmine’s victory. In fact at the Città della Pieve (PG) race, on 25th July 2020, the British has ridden with our Ultra CPS at the CEI2* Championship. In that occasion, Carmine has completed all the 122 km and has finished 3rd.

In addition to the FEI Endurance Open Riders World Ranking 2020 Carmine has also won the FEI Endurance Open Combination World Ranking 2020, riding the Spotless Summer Magic, achieving 527 points.
Again congratulations and best wishes!

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